How To Increase Your Success on LinkedIn by 40x!!

21 01 2010

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Most business professionals have already discovered the power that LinkedIn has for their businesses. However, when I’m on LinkedIn, I can see that the majority haven’t unlocked the full potential of LinkedIn. There is one way to increase your success on LinkedIn by 40X!! And it’s so simple! Read the rest of this entry »


What Tweeter Are You?

19 01 2010

I have been on Twitter for about 4 months now, and at the start I wasn’t sure what the point of Twitter was. I’m writing this post because I keep asking myself, even now, ‘What do people use Twitter for?’ So, in this post, I will delve into the depth of Twitter, and try to explain the different reasons for people using it, and the benefits that they get out of it.  So; what Tweeter are you? Read the rest of this entry »

My Top 5 Free Twitter Productivity Tools

17 12 2009

Every single analyst, ‘social media expert’ and pundit is telling you that it’s imperative that you develop your Twitter presence. I would absolutely agree; but what tools are the best to use for this reason? In this post, I’m going to list my Top 5 Twitter Tools, and explain a little bit about them.

#5 Geofollow

Uses: Finding local Twitter usersTips, e-marketing, business, GeoFollow, Twitter, Tools, Productivity, Free

Strengths: Bulk Follow, you can list yourself for free

Weaknesses: Will not include every single Twitter user

If you are a business, and you are on Twitter to meet new people, or prospects, then Geofollow is a great tool. As you may have guessed by the name, Geofollow allows you to enter a city or town name, and find Tweeps that live in or near that city. This is great for establishing a local following.

#4 Tweepular

Tips, e-marketing, business, Tweepular,Twitter, Tools, Productivity, Free

Uses: Following/Unfollowing users that are/are not following you

Strengths: Tweepularity Ranking (how popular you are on Twitter), suggests new users to follow

Weaknesses: Long loading time

Tweepular is a great tool for managing your followers. You can see who isn’t following you back, who is following you but you’re not following them back, and also allows you to ‘build your tweepularity’, in which it suggest Twitter users for you to follow.

#3 Twitter Analyzer

Tips, e-marketing, business, Twitter Analyzer,Twitter, Tools, Productivity, Free

Uses: Access to stats concerning your Twitter network

Strengths: Real-time stats, tells you how many of your followers are online, who RT’d you the most, and lots of other interesting stats

Weaknesses: Anyone can access anyone’s stats, as you don’t need a password to access them

With Twitter Analyzer, you can look up pretty much any stats you may like to know. The graphs are also updated in real-time. This tool is #3 because I use it to track my Twitter goals and objectives, and I find it very useful.

#2 SocialOomph (Formerly TweetLater)

Tips, e-marketing, business, Socialoomph, Tweetlater, Twitter, Tools, Productivity, Free

Uses: Schedule Tweets and Auto-DMs

Strengths: You can schedule a large amount of Tweets at any one time

Weaknesses: To get the full potential out of this service, you need to upgrade to the Professional package

SocialOomph is the busy man’s dream come true. With SocialOomph, you can schedule Tweets to be posted throughout the day, and can even set Tweets weeks in advance! You can also set up a Keyword Alert email, so when someone uses a keyword you specified, you receive an email containing what they said, and when.

My #1 Twitter Tool has got to be TweetDeck

Tips, e-marketing, business, TweetDeck,Twitter, Tools, Productivity, Free

Uses: Stay on top of Twitter

Strengths: You can do anything in TweetDeck that you could do on the Twitter website, and more!

Weaknesses: To be honest, I can’t think of many, except that it cuts off more often than the Twitter webpage does.

Ever since I started out on Twitter, I have used TweetDeck. I think that this product is fantastic, and best of all, it’s free! With TweetDeck, you can keep on top of your Facebook and LinkedIn as well as Twitter! You can also create colums that update in real-time including any keywords you have specified. In my opinion, TweetDeck is the best Twitter Tool available for free, hence why it is number 1 in this list.

I hope you found this post helpful; until next time!

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Twitter Lists Explained

14 12 2009

The new Twitter Lists feature on Twitter is a new way to organise the people you’re following on Twitter, or find new people to follow. In actuality, though, Twitter lists are in effect the counterpart to Facebook’s Group feature. Read the rest of this entry »

Using SocialOomph With Twitter – Benefits & Drawbacks

10 12 2009

SocialOomph is a tool that the busy internet marketer can use to automate his/her tweets on the amazingly popular social networking site Twitter.

Formerly known as TweetLater, this is an online programme that gives the user a large amount of tools to manage their Twitter marketing efforts. Using SocialOomph for Twitter has plenty of benefits, but also contains a few drawbacks. Read the rest of this entry »

Should you build your own Social Networking site?

3 12 2009

Should you make your own Social Network?

That depends on many things. First of all; have you got the time to set it up, and then interact with anyone who is on there? I have just started setting up a Social Network that we are calling KeepNet. In this post, I am going to explain the benefits, and the drawbacks, of owning your own Social Network. Read the rest of this entry »

Twitter Tips – How to get ReTweeted

2 12 2009

Previously, I wrote about what a Retweet was, and what the benefits of it were. As I promised, here are the tips on getting yourself retweeted.

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