The pro’s and con’s of Social Networking

18 11 2009

Social Networking has become more and more popular over the past few years. Many businesses have already discovered the potential these sites have to generate new business. Some businesses, however, are still unsure about if they should venture into the world of social networking, which is why I wrote this post! In this post, I will describe some pro’s and con’s that social networking offers. Read on! Read the rest of this entry »

Getting the best out of Reddit

12 11 2009

In this post, I am going to tell you how to make the most out of Reddit, along with a few tips to help get you to the front page and expose yourself to millions of views!

Firstly, have a look at what other people are writing about, and what subjects seem to be getting the most interest. Take note of how they structure their Headings and the body of the article. Use this sort of format to create your article. Read the rest of this entry »

Reddit – What is it and what can it do for me?

12 11 2009

Reddit was launched in 2005, and is a social news website that displays news based on your preferences, and what the site’s community likes. Your preferences are based on your history of voting stories up or down. Read the rest of this entry »