The Proactive Accountant

In our experience, to be proactive means to do something that is unrequested and saves tax or adds business growth.

To be proactive, the accountant must give advice that is:

Relevant to you or your business, or of value to you or your business We strive to achieve these things. If we prepare your annual account, then wherever possible, we try to add value to this service by making it a bit more sexy and interesting. That way, you benefit from the fees paid rather than being money wasted on red tape compliance. To become proactive means to understand your ambitions together with your short and long term goals. We would cover this area during our initial conversations and meetings, and during this period we can build a quality understanding of your expectations. Benchmarking is a prime example of being proactive.


An example of proactivity Benchmarking gives important answers to some of the key questions all business owners should be asking themselves in today’s competitive environment:

“How do I find out how well, or how badly, I’m performing?”

“How much better – or worse – are the competitors performing?”

“And, how can I improve?”

Benchmarking allows Keepers to proactively produce a customised report for your business. Showing you the key numbers and comparing those numbers to other businesses in your sector.

By providing a fact-based analysis of key strengths and weaknesses, as well as calculating the potential for improvement, it’s the perfect investment and starting point to improve your business performance.

How much extra profit could be achieved if you emulate your more successful competitors?

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