Keepers Accountancy

Keepers has an excellent understanding of what business owners really want from their accountant – and we provide it proactively.

Our core function is to deliver a trusted and dependable service. Focusing first on the normal accounting job and then to proactively help your business prosper.

Its easy to think all Accountants in Sussex are the same, but are you sure? Take a look at what we think makes a good accountant and see if you agree.

Here at Keepers, we believe that only the best is good enough for our Clients. Have a look below at our 7 Set in Stone, 100% Guarantees to see how working with Keepers can cut costs and maximise your business’s potential;

  • A minimum of 25% saving on your current fees  GUARANTEED
  • Savings on your tax liabilities  GUARANTEED
  • Free advice; as and when you need it GUARANTEED
  • Free support throughout the year; not just at year end GUARANTEED
  • Fixed annual fee and no suprise bills  GUARANTEED
  • Free budget forecasts, cash flow and managerial reports GUARANTEED
  • And most importantly; if you are ever unhappy with any aspect of our work,  please tell us and we will, without question, respect your right to pay whatever amount you feel is more appropriate GUARANTEED

To find out how much we can save you, please click here!

How we can help your Business

At Keepers, we have decades of experience in helping businesses exceed what their owners ever thought possible. We are very good Accountant; we strive to acheive your goals, and we want you to use our experience to your advantage. To find out more about how Keepers plan to grow your business, visit this page.



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