e-Books & Tax Kits!

e-Books are a fantastic way to reach out to your customers, and potential customers, through the web. They provide the readers with knowledge and value in subjects they are interested in.

Helpful and Informative e-Books

The reason for this post is to introduce you to some of the e-books I’ve been working on.

I’ve made 3 so far, with a lot more in the pipeline! I will update this post as and when a new e-Book becomes available, so keep coming back to keep up to date!

The first e-Book I’m going to tell you about is Your Step-by-Step Guide To Kick-Starting Your Internet Marketing Campaign’. This is pretty much a beginners’ guide to Internet Marketing. It shows you, step-by-step, and with the use of screenshots, exactly how to get started on all the main avenues of Online Marketing, including Blogging, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Email Marketing. There is also a section at the end which includes some ‘Goodies’ – basically, some applications I’ve found really useful for my Internet Marketing.

The next e-Book is called Get More Customers for Next to Nothing’. This does exactly what it says on the tin; it will show you multiple different strategies for gaining new customers/clients, for next to no expense!

The last e-Book for now is called ‘How to Create a Marketing Plan’. Once again, very easy to guess what this e-Book will tell you. It emphasises the importance of a Marketing Plan, and will then guide you through the process of making one.

To have a look, or sign up, for one of our e-Books, please click here.

One more thing; Enjoy!!

We now also have some Tax Kits available for download on our website – specially designed to help and advise you on common tax issues, common tax forms, as well as a few tips for reducing your tax liability!

To have a look at our Tax Kits, click here!

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