Tips for Using Static Facebook Markup Language (FBML)

21 05 2010

I have already explained to you what Static FBML is and how to use it, but in this post, I’m going to give you 5 tips to help you make the most out of Static FBML. If you haven’t already read the posts that explain what Static FBML is, and how to use FBML, click either of those links, and they will take you to them.

So; let’s get on with these tips –

  • Add the application to your Fan Page – At the moment, Static FBML is not available for personal pages. If Static FBML isn’t in your apps or recommended apps, type ‘Static FBML’ into your Facebook search bar, and then click ‘Add to my page’ to, well, add the application to your Fan Page. Once you can access the app, which I show you how to in How To Use Static FBML, you will see a field for the name of your tab, and a field where you can start entering your FBML code.
  • Minimise Code – Just like HTML, FBML hates unnecessary code. If it’s in there, but doesn’t need to be, get rid of it; because it is slowing down your page. FBML also doesn’t read relative links, so store your images on a low-character server name.
  • Consider your audience – What’s the whole point of you using FBML? To attract new fans? To increase sales? To increase traffic to your website? Either way, these all involve your audience – so consider what makes your niche tick, and conform to it.
  • Use the necessary resources – There is no point trying to create a Fan Page with FBML without first reading which tags they use, and which they don’t. Have a look here – Allowed FBML and HTML Tags
  • Tables – When you are designing your FBML-enhanced Fan Page, the easiest way to achieve the layout you want is to use tables, ie. <table><tbody><td> etc.

And one final tip – you can actually set your FBML application to be the landing page every time someone visits your Fan Page. To do this, go to your fan page, and click ‘Edit Page’. You will see a sub-section labelled ‘Wall Settings’. Go to this, and under view settings, you will see ‘Default landing tab for everyone else:’ Change this to your Static FBML tab. Note: It may not come up with ‘Static FBML’, but rather what you called it.

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