How To Use Static FBML (Facebook)

26 04 2010

My last post was about how you can use Static FBML to enhance your Facebook Fan Page, and use it to stand out against your competition. As promised, this post will be telling you how you can implement Static FBML. Read On!!

For the purpose of this post, I’ve created a new Fan Page, as you can see here =>

Now, you need to search for the application. On the search box at the top of the page, type in ‘Static FBML’. Once you are on the application, click ‘Add to my Page’.

Once you have added Static FBML to your page, you can edit it by going to your Fan Page and clicking ‘edit page’. You will then come across this page;

Click on Application Settings, de-select boxes and select tabs. Once you’ve done this, go back and click on ‘Edit’. Once you have done this, you will come across a plain white box. This is where you put your HTML code, but remember not to include Head or Body tags, as it won’t accept these.

Here’s a tip: create your FBML page in a table format, ie. <table> <tr><td>, etc. It makes it a lot easier to keep control of the layout.

For a list of which HTML tags are and aren’t aloud, click here.

That’s it from me today; if you want anymore help, or would like to add anything, leave a comment below!

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3 responses

1 05 2010

Really proficient post. Theoretically I could write something like this too, but taking the time and effort to make a good article is a lot of effort…but what can I say….I’m a procrastinater. Good read though.

4 05 2010

Thanks for your compliments, I’m glad you’re enjoying the content 🙂

19 05 2010

Un grand merci 🙂 thank you

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