Facebook – One Easy Way To Stand Out From The Crowd

19 04 2010

With so many businesses already on Facebook, it can be hard to get noticed by your target niche. What most of the businesses don’t know, however, is that there is one way you can stand out from everyone else; and that’s what I’m going to tell you today.

You can actually use Facebook as a mini-website if you wanted to, with the help of one application – Static FBML. FBML stands for Facebook Markup Language, and is much the same as HTML.

To stand out from your competitors on Facebook, you can use this application to create a mini website, which will sit in a ‘tab’ on your Faceboadidas, facebookok fan page.

A really good example of where this has already been implemented can be seen on Adidas’ Fan Page here. The picture to the right is what it looks like.

You can benefit hugely from using Static FBML, as it not only let’s you stand out from your competition, but also lets you increase the interactivity of Facebook.

I hope you found this helpful; coming soon there will be a post that will show you exactly how to use Static FBML.

If you have already used Static FBML, what a re your experiences?

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