The SEO Series – Headings and Alts

7 04 2010

Heading Tags are by no means the magic bean to building Keyword relevance; they are merely one small step to creating a well optimised page. Adding Header tags that include your keywords may or may not give you better search results, but nonetheless, using a header tag properly will benefit your readers, if not the search engines.

On the search engine side, at the very least, the header tags tell the search engines the hierarchical structure of your page’s content.

Readers can pretty easily see how the pages are broken down, but search engines need a bit of help, which is where header tags come into play.

Think of headings as you would a document you were producing. The title of the document would be the H1 tag. Next would be the main points; in HTML, this would be the H2 tag. And then you have the sub-points, H3, and the sub-sub point, H4. You get the picture.SEO, Google, Alt Tags, Header Tags

So; heading tags should help your search engine results, but they definitely benefit your readers.

Alt Attributes

Alt attributes, also known as ‘alt tags’, allow you to add descriptive text to your images. Usually, the visitors won’t see the alternate text, unless they mouse over the image in Firefox, or they have images turned off.

The alt tag is meant to be a replacement for the image should the image not show. Make sure that your alt text reads properly, and adds something for the reader who can’t see the image. The text itself should be trying to get across the same point as the image was.

Using the alt attribute in your images can help you in a couple of ways; 1) it provides a greater context for the text on the page, which can in turn be factored into your search engine rankings, and 2) it can help your images come up in image searches, which can of course drive additional traffic and conversions to your site.

A lot of people use text-only browsers, or have images turned off. People with slow connections will often turn off images in order to browse the web quicker. Also, don’t forget about people surfing the web on their mobiles. More and more people are doing this, and the average speed of a mobile internet connection is almost always slower than the typical internet connection, and so often will not show images. Without alt text, an important element of your pages won’t be available to them.

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7 04 2010

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