What are Social Networking sites good for?

24 03 2010

Social Networking sites started becoming popular with businesses years ago, and have evolved massively since its humble beginnings. Many people are pro-Social Networks, whilst others either don’t like them, or don’t see the point in them. In this post, I’m going to explain a few things that a Social Networking site is good for, and what it can help you achieve. There will also be a bonus tip for each point!

Interacting – Social networks give you a huge chance to interact with people from around the world. These could be business colleagues, customers, or people you’ve never met before. A lot of business relationships have been formed Twitter, Social Networking, Tips online, where they have never even met each other before, face to face at least. Bonus Tip: Listen to what other people are saying, and keep asking questions.

Promoting – Social Networks have been used increasingly by people wanting to promote whatever it is they have to promote. The past few years have seen websites, blogs, RSS feeds, games, puzzles, a whole magnitude of things promoted. Social Networks are great for promoting, because everyone enjoys being on these sites, and in some special cases, ie. Twitter, they are actually expecting to be promoted to. Bonus Tip: When promoting, always try and see it from the reader’s point of view; how will that sentence look to someone Facebook, Social Networking, Tipswho hardly knows you? Does it provoke curiosity?

Viral Campaigns – In my opinion, there is no better way to make a campaign go viral than promoting it on Social Networking sites. If you think about it, people go on these sites to be social, and share content they find interesting. If you design the right campaign, and promote it through Social Networking, it has so much more chance of going Viral. Bonus Tip: When designing your Viral Campaign, think to yourself ‘Why would someone want to pass this on to a friend?’

A More Personal Brand – Customers, and prospective customers, love to intereact with a person rather than a company. Social Networking gives you the opportunity to do this, whilst saving time. You can build and develop relationships with both current and prospective customers, and even use Social Networking as a Customer Service tool!

I hope you found this post useful, if you have any other good points about Social Networking (I’m sure there’s loads!) leave me a comment!

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