5 Golden Oldies

18 03 2010

I’ve recently noticed that the amount of views for some of my older posts have been slowly lowering for the past few weeks. Since there is a lot of new readers on this blog, and I don’t want them to miss out on some of the better, yet older, posts, I’ve decided to write this post to highlight what I think are some of my better posts.

One of my very first posts, Why Twitter? Why Facebook? is about why people Twitter, Facebook, Social Networkinguse Social Networking as a Marketing tool

Driving Traffic to your Website is, well, I think you can guess what it’s about, but the tips in this post can also be applied to Blogs

Subject Line Tips includes some of the best tips I’ve found and experienced working, so try some of them out!

Creating an effective email campaign contains some good ideas to give your email marketing an extra kick in the right direction; go have a look and see what you think!

One of my personal favourites, Common Misconception – Marketing is Expensive, explains that not all Marketing is expensive to conduct, and also gives you a few examples of cheaper, yet still as effective, Marketing strategies. This post is in two parts; you can reach Part 2 after you read Part 1.

So, go have a look at some of my older posts, and let me know what you think; either in a comment on this post, or a comment on the post it’s regarding. Any feedback is much appreciated, as it helps me to re-vamp these posts for other readers 🙂

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