Article Marketing – A Quick Insight & Killer Tips

12 03 2010

Article Marketing, in my opinion, is one of the most under-valued forms of Internet Marketing around. Many people try this avenue of Marketing, fail to maximise their potential, and simply put it down as a failure. Which is why I’ve wrote this post; I want to show you how to make the most of Article Marketing, and turn it into a huge foundation of your Online Marketing.

The Good and the Bad side of Article Marketing

Article Marketing isn’t right for everyone; for a start, you need to have a fair bit of spare time on your hands. You need to write the articles, edit them, and then submit the to an Article Site, which can at times be pretty tedious.

The benefits Article Marketing can bring, however, are astonishing. For a start, any Article you publish, as long as it includes a link to your website, has improved your SEO; after all, every link plays a part. Not only this, but if an internet user searches for “5 Tips about ………”, and your article appears, once they have read the Article, if they click through to your website, how much more targeted do you think they will be? Yep; a lot more targeted than they would have been if they had come straight to your site.

So, let’s get on to the main point of this post; helping you make the most out of your Article Marketing.

First, we’ll start with a few ‘You Shoulds’

  • Always make your Articles Informative
  • Answer questions your Niche regularly asks
  • Research Keywords that will relate to your Article – This means more eyes will see your stunning Article!
  • Always regard your Title as the most important part of your Article. This doesn’t mean compromising on the body of the Article, what I mean by this is that if you have a bland and boring Title, no-one is going to want to read it; so you won’t get a lot of Traffic back to your site.
  • Always try and split up your Article as much as possible; use formatting such as sub-headers, shorter paragraphs, bullet points, etc.
  • Cross-reference your Articles – If you have produced more than one Article, try and inter-link these, but make sure that if you do link Articles, they are related, ie. not when one is football-related and the other’s about ballet.
  • Submit to more than one site – No explanation needed here, only a cliché; Don’t put all your eggs in one basket
  • This is a biggie – Go back a few days later, and edit your Article. Once you have had a few days away from your Article, you will be able to improve it much easier.

And now, the ‘You Shouldnt’s’

  • Try and sell yourself, your company or your products in your Article – readers look upon this very poorly
  • Reference your site at all, until the resource box.
  • Bulk all text together in one long, tedious paragraph.
  • Rush it; you need to take your time over each Article, brainstorming and planning exactly how you will create it

And last, but not least; The Resource Box Tips

  • Instead of the bog-standard ‘My Name is ….. and I work for ……’, try something like ‘For more in-depth information on this subject, click here’
  • Offer an incentive – Could be an e-book, free report, or something similar
  • As well as having a link to your website, find a keyword in your Resource box, and link that to your website aswell.

I hope you enjoyed this post, if you have anything to add, please leave a comment below.

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12 03 2010
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20 03 2010
TMJ Facial Pain

I’ve heard it’s a good idea to BOLD your first few words as well. What do you think?

22 03 2010

That would certainly help it stand out from other articles when the reader is choosing which one to read, although I haven’t actually tried doing it myself

11 06 2010
Sarah Turner

ah this is helpful, thank you. I’ve just started writing articles so this has come at a good time! Any advice as to the best way to get articles published on other sites?


11 06 2010

Hi Sarah,

Good to hear you’re finding the content useful.

As for getting other sites to publish your articles, the best way would be to submit your articles to multiple Article Submission sites, such as, and Make sure that these are keyword-rich (in the body) as well as selecting appropriate tags.

It will take a couple of weeks for anything to start happening, but once it does, the links that come back to your site will be of great benefit!

Hope that helps

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