Re-Igniting Interest In Older Blog Posts

10 03 2010

All Bloggers come across this problem at some point; what to do with all the old posts hidden away in the archives? There are a number of solutions to re-ignite interest in these posts, and that’s the point of this post; to give you a few things that you can do to get your readers reading those old posts again!

Whilst I realise you could just post a link on Twitter or Facebook, most of your followers/fans would have already read the post; so how do you dress it up so that they want to read it again?

There are a few ways;

  • Why not try a ‘Best of Blog’ email, and send it to your entire list?
  • Try writing a ‘Best of Blog’ post as well
  • Also, you could write a post that seems to be aimed at new readers, but in fact will also spark the interest of your regular readers. Try going along the lines of ‘This is a post for my new readers, highlighting some of the best older posts that are hidden away in my archives’
  • The last method I will leave you to try is simply updating the posts. Change the pictures, a few words, maybe add an extra paragraph, and re-post it. Make sure you let people know it’s an update when you’re promoting it; if they liked the original, they will want to know what updates you’ve made

I hope that you found these helpful, and that you try these out. Let me know below how they worked for you, and leave any more ideas you may have!

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