Tips for increasing Effectiveness of Direct Mail

9 03 2010

One of my recent posts was about the effectiveness of Direct Mail, in which I stated different reasons why I thought Direct Mail was still effective. In this post, I’m going to give you a few tips to make it that little bit more effective.

Firstly, you must know your target audience’s ‘RFM’. RFM stands for Recent purchases, Frequency, and Monetary profile. Before you even design your Direct Mail material, you need to know where in the buying cycle this prospect is, how often they purchase from you or a competitor, and how much they usually spend on either yours or your competitor’s products/services.

Once you know this, you can then design your material to suit your target reader, which will make it a lot more precise and increase the chances of a good ROI.

Secondly, send out three different mail pieces each month, to each customer. Experts say that this is the minimum number of pieces consumers need to see to notice marketing. These three pieces don’t need to be in the same format; you could have a leaflet, a letter and a postcard throughout the month.

Always keep it simple and neat. If you try cluttering too much information onto a piece of Direct Mail, chances are the reader will look at it and throw it straight in the bin. If you really want to give them all the information you can, include a few benefits for them, and then a strong call to action to visit your website for more information.

Always try and entice the reader with something that’s going to make them want to walk to your shop right now. For example, a free trial of one of your services, a coupon for savings, or a special, limited time offer you are currently running.

The last tip I’m going to leave you with today is this; test. So many businesses skip this step and go into full-blown direct mail campaigns. If you do this and it fails, you have lost an awful lot of money. Whereas with testing, you can try it on a small scale; so if it does fail, you aren’t out of pocket that much, and if it is successful, then you can increase the size of the campaign.

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