1 Obvious, Yet Often Overlooked Way To Increase Traffic Hugely!

8 02 2010

Traffic is as important to your website as water is to fish; without it, it would cease to exist. In this post, I want to outline one very simple, yet mostly overlooked, way to increase your traffic immensely. Read on!

It’s so simple that people often overlook it, sub-consciously thinking ‘Too easy – Won’t make that much difference’. The fact of the matter is that this method can easily double the traffic you receive.

I am talking about buttons. The ‘Tweet This’ button, the ‘Digg This’ button, the ‘Share on Facebook’ button, etc. If you include these buttons at the end of every post, your readers are so much more likely to Tweet it or Digg it, or share it on Facebook. Do you know what this means? It means that when you have tweeted to your followers that you have a new blog post, they can then read it, and if they like it, they would re-tweet or share it or Digg it, resulting in more views, resulting in more sharing, and so-on.

This method would be better described with a quick picture;

Viral Marketing - People Pyramid

You are at the top; you write a blog post, and share it on all the Social Media sites you use. Your followers, or fans, or connections, then read it, like it, and re-share your content to their followers. This then happens again and again. What’s more is that if you tested this method, and then removed the toolbar, you would still have more traffic than you have now; simply because you have got your blog in front of all those people’s screens, and some of them will enjoy it enough to come back again and again.

This little button toolbar really can make a huge difference to your blog, and could even be used with a website; you just have to get past thinking that it’s too easy to be true.

I hope that you found this post helpful, let me know in the comments if you would like to add anything.

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