Increasing Traffic – The Typo Strategy

29 01 2010

I’ve recently noticed that a lot of online businesses have been implementing something called The Typo Strategy. Basically, when you enter a web address, you either get it right, or you include a typo or spelling error. These two are very different; a typo is a mechanical error, when you hit the wrong key on the keyboard, where a spelling error is obviously when someone can’t spell the website.

TypoGold, a Typo Strategist Company, estimate that 17% of traffic is lost due to typos. It can be lost in two ways; either when the user types in the URL incorrectly, it goes to either ‘page can not be displayed’ or it retrieves relevant search results. The other way it can be lost is through squatters. A squatter is someone who targets a website that is already receiving high traffic, and buys the URLs that they think users will most commonly mistype. This means that they would be getting around 17% of this site’s traffic! This has now been made illegal.

With some browsers, if you type in the URL you wish to visit, but get the wrong ending, (.com,, .org) once again it would either say that the page can not be displayed, come up with relevant searches, or if a squatter has already bought that URL, it would go to theirs.

Another way that sites lose traffic is through ‘the lost dot’, for example if you typed into the URL bar, then the browser will see that as, which could again be a squatter’s site, but if you click the link, you will see that Amazon have already bought this URL and re-directed it to their main site. That is the essence of the Typo Strategy.

Right, If you want to see if you can increase your site’s traffic, I’ve got something that you can do for free. Basically, a lot of people type the wrong amount of ‘w’ in the URL bar, eg. or Now, the important thing about this is that you can control this. Google have already done this with their, but not with Go ahead, click the links and see.

The ww or wwww is a sub-domain, which you can edit and change for free. If you own the website, go into the control panel of your provider, and edit the ww and wwww sub-domains to re-direct to your normal www website. And then come back here, and let me know in a comment how it worked for you!

If it did work, then try to resolve all the problems above; if you can, but the .com .org endings, buy URLs with typos, eg. if your site was amazon, wou could buy amazing, because the I is so close th the o, that should be a commonly mistyped URL.

I hope you found this post helpful, and if you would like to add anything, please feel free below.

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29 01 2010
Increasing Traffic – The Typo Strategy « KeepersAcc – Tips about e …

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16 02 2010
free call international; You saved my day again.

4 04 2010
Don Murphy

This is a great idea to find untapped website traffic, excellent.

Great post

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