How To Increase Your Success on LinkedIn by 40x!!

21 01 2010

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Most business professionals have already discovered the power that LinkedIn has for their businesses. However, when I’m on LinkedIn, I can see that the majority haven’t unlocked the full potential of LinkedIn. There is one way to increase your success on LinkedIn by 40X!! And it’s so simple!

You ready? It is quite simply having a fully completed profile. If your profile is 100% completed, you will be 40X more successful on this site.

The reason for this being the case is that if you do have a full profile, other LinkedIn members will be able to see exactly what you’re interested in, and will get a very good idea of the sort of person you are.  It also looks like you have put in that extra bit of effort, which is what everyone wants to see from a business owner.

There is another way that you can dramatically increase your success on LinkedIn, and that is being personal. I see so many invitations to connect that are just the default LinkedIn request. Don’t do this; be personal, and say why you are adding this person, why you both could benefit from getting to know each other, etc.

Last, but not least, recommend people. If you recommend people, they are a lot more likely to recommend you as well, as a way of saying thank you. Recommendations are great because it lets other LinkedIn members that don’t know you see that your skills have been recognised. Furthermore, every time someone recommends you, all of their connections will see that they have recommended you, which will most likely result in more connections for you!

I hope you found this post helpful, have you got anymore tips for LinkedIn?

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