What Tweeter Are You?

19 01 2010

I have been on Twitter for about 4 months now, and at the start I wasn’t sure what the point of Twitter was. I’m writing this post because I keep asking myself, even now, ‘What do people use Twitter for?’ So, in this post, I will delve into the depth of Twitter, and try to explain the different reasons for people using it, and the benefits that they get out of it.  So; what Tweeter are you?

First, we have the fun Tweeter; the person that isn’t on Twitter to promote themselves, their company, or anyone else’s company. They simply use Twitter for fun.

This sort of Tweeter would use Twitter for many different reasons. Have a look at some of them below;Twitter, e-marketing, tax, finance, blog, tips,

1. They can keep up to the date with the news – Through other people’s Tweets.
2. They can follow a Blog; the main point of this is that if the Blogger is on Twitter, they will Tweet whenever they publish a new post
3. They can use it to stay in contact with their friends/colleagues
4. They actually want to be marketed to

The second type of Tweeter would be what I like to call the ‘Corporate Tweeter’. This is the Tweeter who is on Twitter to promote his/her company, or product.

This person uses Twitter in many different ways;

1. Depending on their e-marketing strategy, they would use Twitter to re-direct their followers to either their Blog, Website, or anywhere else they want them to go
2. They also use Twitter to build relationships with potential clients
3. As above, they would use Twitter to add value to the potential client’s life; either by linking to an interesting story/blog, or by offering them something of value
4. Sometimes, the Corporate Tweeter would use Twitter to test a product, and get relevant feedback

The last type of Tweeter that I am going to discuss today is the Affiliate Tweeter.
This is the Tweeter that promotes somebody else’s company for them.

They would use Twitter to;

1. Re-direct their followers to Blog, Website or other promotional material
2. Add value to their followers, either through an interesting story or by offering them something of value.
3. Companies might also ask an Affiliate Tweeter to test one of their products on their followers, and assess the feedback.

I hope that you found this article helpful; there are many different kinds of Tweeters, but which one are you?

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