Common Problem – Email Click Through Rates

21 12 2009

A lot of businesses have been using email marketing for a while now, and others are just starting out. No matter where you are, we have all had problems with our email click through rates, racking our brains as to why people just aren’t clicking that link! Which is why I have published this post; to give you a few ways to overcome this, and improve the click-throughs.

Over the past few weeks, I have had a lot of emails asking me how to overcome this; and the majority of them asked if they should make pictures in their emails links. My answer to that would be yes. Wherever you can put a link, put one in. (With certain limits of course!)

Pictures can be a great way to get more people clicking your links. As long as your viewer knows it’s a link, great.Email, Click Through,

Another way would be putting links into your signature box at the end of the email. You want to put this under where you say goodbye, and personally, I make them picture links. While you won’t get as many clicks from these links as you would links in the body of your email, the people clicking these links are a lot more interested in knowing more about you or your product/service. The reason for this is that they have gone all the way to the bottom of the email. You may or may not be surprised, but a lot of your database probably doesn’t make it to the bottom of your email; and this is a great way to test that.

Layout. Where your links are is very important. If you introduce links too early, the reader will think that that is the sole purpose for you emailing them; just to get them to go to a certain site. Try and incorporate links into your text, replacing certain words with links, like I’ve just done.

This one might sound a bit obvious, but a lot of people don’t do it; just tell them. A lot of businesses sending out emails don’t tell the reader what action they want them to take, and this is essential. Don’t be timid about telling them what to click, and don’t ask either. Tell them, and if you can, include a benefit for them clicking that link, such as ‘Click the link at the bottom of this email for a free e-book’ or something like that. Also, if it’s an important link you want to redirect them to, write a few paragraphs about it, and include the link between paragraphs. I’ve found that, for me, 3 is the magic number.

Try and use a more tag as well. This one is great for re-directing to a blog, or if you have a blog on your website. Not a lot of explaining needed, literally just take an excerpt of a post, put it in the email, and then place a more link at the end,

The last little tip I’m going to leave you pondering about is to make your headers links. This way, if the reader finds that specific article interesting, he/she will click on the header for some more information. As with the picture links, though, you need to make sure that they know the headers are links.

Thanks for reading, I hope you found this post helpful; let me know in a comment.

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3 responses

10 01 2010
игры рулетка

Great idea, thanks for this tip!

12 01 2010

I cannot believe this will work!

12 01 2010
σταρτηγική ρουλέτας

Damn, that sound’s so easy if you think about it.

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