Dear Reader, Who Are You?

16 12 2009

While I was surfing the web yesterday, I came across a great blog, in which the author asked who his audience were.

He asked them to give their name, what they do, and a bit of background information on themselves.

I thought this was a fantastic idea; after all, the whole idea of blogging is to connect and communicate with people, isn’t it?

I mean sure, I know some of you; the ones that have been commenting or emailing me, but I don’t know all of you, and I want to!

So, this post is simply an invite to you; leave your name, what you do, and a bit of background info on yourself, and start a conversation between all of us.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.

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4 responses

21 12 2009
Michael Baumann

I saw your blog on blog surfer as I was loading my blog up this morning.

21 12 2009

OK, what do you think about the content?

23 12 2009

I’m Wandering Justin. I have two blogs, and They cover adventure/travel and music performance, respectively. I ran across your blog pretty randomly. I think you have some interesting social media tips, but a lot of it seem more oriented toward business. I still found some of it helpful. The Twitter tips were expecially good since I’m new over there.

24 12 2009

Nice to meet you Wandering Justin. Glad you like the tips, and yes, I do tend to lean the tips toward businesses a bit more, but I will start to do some tips for when people are using the sites for personal use, thanks for your feedback.

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