5 Misconceptions about Blogging

16 12 2009

If you write it, they will come …

No, not necessarily. It’s more like if you promote it, they might come. You could be the best blogger the world has seen, but if no one knows where to find you, or even knows about you, what’s the point? You simply have to promote, promote, and … oh yeah, promote. Once people know where you are, at least there is a chance that they will come and read!!

People will read because of my amazing writing

Don’t get me wrong, great writing is an integral part of blogging, but it’s not the main reason that people will visit or read your blog. There are thousands of libraries filled with books that have been written by great writers. The main reason that someone will visit your blog is to try and derive some value from it. Don’t focus mainly on great writing, this should be a second principle, the first should be delivering value to your readers.

When you are writing your blog posts, you must always keep your audience in mind. And not just when you’re writing the posts either; when someone leaves a comment, interact with them. That’s also one of the big reasons why people blog; to interact with people online and have conversations.

Other bloggers will always want to help me

To be honest, around 90% of bloggers will help you. But there will always be some out there who consider you competition, or maybe they don’t feel you’re worthy of being helped! I could never understand that; if someone asks for my help, I am happy to help them, because I don’t see blogging as a competition; I think it’s more of a community, and in a community you help each other out.

The money will come rolling in

This could be true if you already have a loyal base of followers, either from another blog, or maybe you have already established yourself as an expert. There are 2 different ways that bloggers go about making money on their blog; they either monetize it as soon as they start out, or they build up a readership first. Personally, I would go with the latter option; it may put readers off if they see a newly started-up blog with more advertising than actual blog content!

Blogging’s easy; anyone can do it

Actually, it’s not that easy; it requires a lot of time and work. If you have a full time job, and you’re blogging on the side, you may find it difficult to find the time to write posts. And, if you don’t find the time, it will show in your content.

To keep your audience, you need to post regularly; otherwise they may become bored, and just forget about your site.

Blogging can be a truly rewarding experience, if you work hard at it. The simple fact that you communicate and interact with billions of people from all over the world is amazing. Understanding some of these misconceptions can help you get off to the right start, and I wish you all the luck on your blogging endeavour!

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