The Advantages of using YouTube to Market your business

4 12 2009

Millions of businesses have already started using YouTube as a marketing tool, but this post is directed at those who haven’t yet, because in this post I’m going to describe to you the advantages of using YouTube to market your business.

YouTube is the 4th most-visited internet site. A staggering 22.25% of internet users visit YouTube. This means that if you decide to post a video on here, your reach is HUGE.

YouTube is a free service, available for anyone to use.

It will cause your website’s traffic to increase almost immediately. Bear in mind though, if your video is dull, this won’t happen. You need to promote your business, but still keep it fun for the viewers.

Google. If you post a video on YouTube, then the link to this post will be high up in Google or any other search engine’s results.

It’s relatively easy, and after spending maybe an hour or so making and uploading your video, it will be there for a very long time.

I hope that you found this post helpful; the next one will include some tips for using YouTube to market your business.

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3 responses

4 12 2009

Nice short post. To the point. And accurate.

I agree that all business owners need to look at video marketing. Making video now-a-days is dirt cheap but the upside is major. The main point I think you hit on with your post is that the video’s content needs to be solid.

You should educate, engage AND entertain the viewer. Focus specifically on the personality of your market. Focus on what your market likes and appreciates and they will enjoy the video.

The other key is consistency, putting up 1 or 2 videos won’t do much. You have to be all over youtube and this will increase the chances that you will be found.

4 12 2009

Thanks for your comment, absolutely agree with it. I think that most people don’t fully understand the benefits that Video Marketing can bring, especially when videos are posted on a site as popular as YouTube. Thanks for sharing your wisdom with the other readers.

9 12 2010
Branding Tips

I always believed that Visual communication delivers more precise & easy transmission of information than textual. Thanks for writing this article, it enhanced my perception about digital marketing! Youtube Rocks!

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