Should you build your own Social Networking site?

3 12 2009

Should you make your own Social Network?

That depends on many things. First of all; have you got the time to set it up, and then interact with anyone who is on there? I have just started setting up a Social Network that we are calling KeepNet. In this post, I am going to explain the benefits, and the drawbacks, of owning your own Social Network.

The first benefit would be that you can interact with your customers on a whole new level. Can you imagine if you had your own Facebook-like site? Your customers would love to join it. A Social Networking site is great for guess what; Networking. So, if you do decide to make your own site, invite your prospects as well as your existing customers.

So, we’ve had a benefit, time for a disadvantage. Time. It will take you a lot of time to set up your site, invite everyone, interact with your members, and of course you will constantly be changing the site according to your members’ feedback.

The second benefit I am going to tell you is a huge one. Community. How good do you think your customers would feel, knowing that you are investing so much time in them, and that they have a place that they can go to and stay signed into all day, seeing every other one of your customer’s posts on their homepage, just like Facebook!!

So, time for another disadvantage. It might be hard to get your customers to join at first, so you may have to entice them, for example maybe you will be posting links to something useful that will appear no-where else, or something along those lines.

There you have it; I have briefly given you 2 benefits and 2 disadvantages of owning your own Social Network. It’s up to you what you do now, thanks for reading

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