Twitter Tips – How to get ReTweeted

2 12 2009

Previously, I wrote about what a Retweet was, and what the benefits of it were. As I promised, here are the tips on getting yourself retweeted.

I’m going to start off with a really easy and obvious one. Ask them. Say you were posting a link to your blog. The tweet would look a bit like this;

‘New blog post!  10 tips to ………  Please RT!’

Simple and easy, but not the most effective way to get your tweets retweeted.

The second one is if you are posting a link, try to include numbered lists. Everyone loves a numbered list, for example, same as I said above

‘New blog post! 10 tips to ………’

This one works sometimes, but don’t do it all them time. It’s probably best off if it’s only a one-off actually. Just post the link. You know how curious you get when you see a link all on it’s own; ‘Oooooooh wonder what that is?’ Other people will be just as curious. The reason I said not to do this too much is that you may start to lose the trust of your followers.

Say thank you. Anyone who retweets one of your tweets, either thank them with a DM, or a tweet would be better, because then your followers will see their profile link. Or you could retweet one of their tweets.

Research the Twitter bots. Some people might look upon this as cheating a bit, but as long as you don’t do it too much, don’t feel bad! Research what bots are on Twitter, such as the Facebook one for example; they will retweet most things you say, as long as they include a specific hashtag.

Curiosity. Curiosity is the last tip I’m going to give you today. Imagine you are reading your tweet. How would it have to sound for you to be interested enough to click it?

I hope you found these helpful. If anyone would like to share any more tips they may have, please leave a comment.

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