5 Top Tips to beating the Recession

1 12 2009

We are all still feeling the recession, and that will likely continue for some time. So, keep reading to find out 5 top tips to beating the recession.

Tip 1 – Keep Marketing – Your competitors will!

In any kind of recession, businesses can be lured into slashing their marketing budget, simply because it seems like an easy area to make quick savings. However, marketing is a necessity, not a luxury as some people may think. In a recession, you want your business to keep on growing, and for that you will need marketing to keep on attracting new customers. In any recession, the market becomes a lot more competitive, so if you aren’t marketing, or you have reduced your marketing, and your competitor has increased theirs, who do you think will be more successful? Smart companies do more marketing, not less.

Tip 2 – Get your marketing in order

There are two essential points that you need to look at to make sure that you are well positioned throughout a recession. The first is your branding; does it look friendly, professional and reliable? The second is your website. Nowadays, everyone will expect you to have a website, but make sure if you do have one, it is properly designed. A bad website is almost worse than no website at all.

Tip 3 – Be assertive

Don’t wait for more business to come to you; you can’t afford to. Even during this recession, I still hear a lot of people saying ‘We don’t need any more clients’. Yes you do. If the recession gets worse, or affects some of your customers, they will start looking for cheaper prices. When this happens, you have to replace these old customers with new ones. When you are trying to convert a prospect into a customer, make sure you exclusively express the benefits of your product/service to them.

Tip 4 – Look after your clients

Converting leads is just a small part of your marketing. Looking after your existing clients will make sure that they are happy, and possibly acquire new business from them. Also, if they are happy with your product/service, they are a lot more likely to refer you to their friends/colleagues, which means new business.

Tip 5 – Survey!

This is a great way to find out how your existing clients feel about you. If there is anything they feel you can improve upon, they will tell you, and this helps your business, because you will be better and stronger, and will be able to attract more customers. Don’t be afraid of a bit of constructive criticism!!

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20 12 2009
Best CD Rate

I just subscribed to your feed. Great post and great website, you must have put a lot of work into it.

20 12 2009

Thank you very much, you are my first subscriber! Yes, took a lot of testing and tweaking, glad it’s paid off!

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