What is e-marketing?

30 11 2009

I have written a lot of posts about e-marketing, and I realised; I haven’t actually wrote a post about what e-marketing actually is.

So, off we go;

E-marketing (Electronic Marketing) originated in 1995, but has only really taken off this decade. The idea of e-marketing is that you can market your products/services to potential customers over the internet.

Specialists at CESCO came up with a definition of e-marketing;

eMarketing is a generic term utilized for a wide range of activities – advertising, customer communications, branding, fidelity programs etc. – using the internet. More than the simple development of a website, eMarketing focuses on online communications, direct dialog with consumers who thus participate to the creation of new products, finding efficient methods to win customer’s fidelity and ease their business-making process. eMarketing is the sum of activities a company makes with the purpose of finding, attracting, winning and retaining customers.

So; that’s what e-marketing is.

It could be Twitter, where you interact with your potential customers, or using emails, which is again interacting with your prospects, but also advertising to them.

So, there you have it; a brief explanation as to what e-marketing is. Have a look here and here for some examples of e-marketing, and some tips for implementing them.

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