What is a Retweet, and why do we do it?

27 11 2009

In this post, I am going to explain briefly what a Retweet is and why we do it.

So; a Retweet is when you see someone’s tweet and, well …. Retweet it.

When you RT someone’s tweet, the tweet will begin RT: @twitteruser  …………..

The reason that we Retweet people is that we will either find it interesting, or we think that some of our followers may find it interesting.

Let’s say that the person doing the RT is person A, and the person being RT’d is person B.

There are no real benefits for person A when they RT person B, except that maybe in the future, to say thank you, B will RT one of A’s tweets.

There are, however, benefits for B. Everyone of B’s followers have already seen his Tweet. When it gets RT’d by A, everyone of A’s followers would see the tweet as well. If this was a link, B would benefit from more people seeing and clicking his link, so it will increase his traffic. If it is something else, that may interest A’s followers, they may decide that they want to see more of this content, and will follow B as well.

In short, when you get RT’d by someone, you are increasing the reach your Tweet has, which will, in turn, either raise traffic, your follower numbers, or your reputation; sometimes all three!!

So there you have it; What a Retweet is, and why we use them. In the next post, I will give you all some tips on how to get RT’d. So, keep waiting for my Tweets! (And RT them!!)

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