Why SEO Rules The Internet

24 11 2009

SEO rules the internet. If you think about it, if a business owner wanted to make a website for his business, he would use SEO. Before I start going into this a deeper, let me explain what SEO is.

SEO stands for search engine optimisation, and is integral in any business owner’s internet plans. In a nutshell, SEO is how you structure your website to try and rank high on a search engine’s search results, for example Google, Yahoo, Ask, etc.

Some people, however, will say that they do not need SEO because they are already using PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising on said search engine. While this is true, it is still advisable to optimise your website, because everyone uses different search engines. So, while you may be sitting at the top of Google, with PPC, if you haven’t optimised your site, then potential visitors won’t see your website in Yahoo or Ask results.

Recently, more and more people have been using the internet to do business, whether it is to arrange meetings, find new prospects, or just to sell direct on their website. The reason for this is that it is much cheaper than more traditional methods of marketing, such as advertising or direct mail. Not only is it cheaper, but it is also a lot easier to track, so if you are making any mistakes, you can identify them, modify them, and then track the stats.

SEO also makes internet marketing a lot more effective than other forms of marketing. While your traditional marketing messages would have been sent to people who you have no idea if they are interested, with SEO, people are actually looking for you. Not the other way round. So anyone who sees the link to your website will already be seriously considering buying the product/service you sell.

So, internet marketing is cheaper and more effective than traditional marketing. You will be getting much higher quality leads to your website, so if you optimise your website with SEO efficiently, then you will get more and more leads, and more and more sales. You will most probably grow a lot faster using SEO than traditional marketing.

SEO is not important just in business, though. Many people have started to optimise their personal Facebook and Twitter pages, by making sure that the keywords are in the right places. The reason behind this being that if a long-lost friend or relative tries searching for you on Google, they will find you, because social networking sites like the ones above rank very high in search engine’s results.

There are many different ways to optimise your web page using SEO. You can include keywords in headers and titles, make more pages for your site, promote your site on social networking or social bookmarking sites, or a good one I like is to put alternate keyword text behind an image.

So, there you have it; that’s why SEO rules the internet! What do you think?

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24 11 2009
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19 12 2009

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