Article Marketing – A Hidden Gem?

24 11 2009

A lot of people either don’t know about article marketing, or don’t see it as a worthwhile investment. Recently, I have been thinking about article marketing, and whether it is worth the investment of time.

There are a lot of pro’s and con’s around article marketing, and to a certain extent, it is very much like blogging. You write a piece, and if people like your writing style, they click a link to your website. So, let’s get on with the pro’s and con’s of this form of marketing.

The first advantage I can think of is that it’s free. Most forms of Internet marketing will be free, as you may already know. The only ‘cost’ of Article Marketing is the time it takes to write the article.

Another advantage to article marketing is that it is an effective traffic generating tool. Even if you only write one interesting article, whoever sees that and enjoys it, they will constantly visit your website looking for more articles to interest them. Article sites, such as Ezine articles, get a lot of traffic, because people who are compiling newsletters may run out of content and have a look at such a site for ideas.

The third, and final, advantage that I’m going to tell you about today is that even if you run out of ideas about what to write, you can just scan through articles that are already on the article site. You can then add your own twist to the post, and re-post it.

One of the disadvantages of article marketing is that it isn’t the sort of marketing that will kick in overnight, or produce a huge amount of traffic each day. If your post is interesting enough, then it will still send you a steady stream of visitors each day.

Another disadvantage is that while it doesn’t cost anything, it does still take some time to write the articles themselves.

The final disadvantage I’m going to mention today is keywords. A lot of people write great articles, but forget about the keywords. Article sites are ranked fairly high in search engine results, so it is important to include keywords in your title, as well as the first and last paragraph.

In my opinion, I think article marketing is a worthwhile investment. It only costs a bit of time, and you can have a steady supply of visitors to your website, and who’s going to say no to free traffic?

Let me know what you think about article marketing in the comments.

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21 12 2009
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