5 Tips to improve your success on LinkedIn

23 11 2009

So many businesses already know the power that they can harness by joining LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a bit like Facebook, but completely business-orientated. People use it to connect and build rapport with potential clients, as well as with other business owners, where they can share past experiences and advice. In this post, I will give you 5 tips to improve you success on LinkedIn. So, have a read!

  • Add a personal touch – LinkedIn is full of businesses who just set up their profile and then expect new business to come rolling in. To a certain extent, you might get some new business, but in order to maximise your chance on LinkedIn, add a personal touch to your profile, and show other business owners and potential clients that you have actually put the effort in to create a friendly page.
  • Interact – As with any other social networking site, be it Facebook, Twitter or anything else, the main point of it is to interact with potential clients. Maybe say on your profile that you are happy to help anyone who is having any problems, and then when messages come through asking for advice, give it to them; for free. This will help to build a relationship with that person. Just don’t give too much advice, or they wouldn’t need to do business with you!

  • Profile Picture – Same as Facebook and Twitter; if you have a picture of yourself up, people will be a lot more inclined to interact with you. It always helps to have a face behind the brand.

  • Connections – Connect with as many people as you can. I don’t mean randomly adding people, I mean searching keywords that your ideal customer may have included in their profile, and add them. Once they have accepted, be the first to message them thanking them for accepting you, and let them know what you do.

  • Rapport – As with any sort of marketing, build rapport with your customer. You shouldn’t sell directly on LinkedIn, you should try and re-direct anyone who is interested to your website or blog. Make sure you build some rapport with these people first though, once they like you, they will pay more attention to the links you post.

I hope you found this helpful, and if you would like to share any other tips you may have with other readers, please feel free to leave a comment.

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