5 Tips to increase followers on Twitter and keep them!

17 11 2009

Twitter is huge and it’s still growing. So many companies are already using it to market their products. With so many people already on Twitter, how will you get noticed? That is why I wrote this post; it contains 5 tips to help you get found, and when you are found, to entertain your followers.

1.Creating a Username: It’s best to choose a Twitter username which represents your business, instead of a nickname or abbreviations which don’t describe your business at all. The username you choose should have 2 things: it must be easy to remember, and should include a relevant keyword.

2.Make your Account Name different from your Username: The account name you choose should also reflect the nature of your business. It is a good idea to create an account name that is different from your username to make optimum use of keywords, and further promote your business

3.Post a photo of yourself: This proves you are actually human and not a spam bot. Leaving the Twitter icon up looks like you might be a spammer. With a lot of companies, they are finding that their followers grow far quicker with a picture of themselves rather than a logo or the Twitter bird.

4.Interact with your community: It’s fine to send people to your website for offers, deals, information etc. But if you only do that, you will earn a bad reputation as a taker, you will lose followers and break the trust of your followers. Find articles that talk about your area of interest, or retweet other posts.

5.Be consistent with your tweet content: This allows people to find and follow you based on content. With a few exceptions, I usually tweet about e-marketing, finance, and jokes. If someone is considering whether to follow me, they will have a good idea of what I’m all about and decide if that’s information they are interested in receiving.

So, there you have it! 5 tips to help you grow your followers, and then interact with them. I hope you found this helpful, please leave me a comment with any thoughts you may have.

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