5 Tips to improve your blog

16 11 2009

A lot of bloggers are finding it increasingly hard for themselves to get noticed on the internet, which is why I have written this blog post. It includes some tips to help you get noticed a bit better, have a look and try them out!

Tip 1 – Avoid large paragraphs. Most blog readers are ‘scanners’ – they scan through blog posts and see if it would interest them. If a reader sees huge paragraphs, it is going to turn them off slightly. Also, keep your headlines snappy and grab their curiosity.

Tip 2 – Check your spelling and grammar. If you don’t, and you’ve got a fair few mistakes, this could turn off the reader again, and it will be a lot less likely that they will refer your link to a friend

Tip 3 – RSS Button. Make sure you have one of these, it makes it easier for your readers to read your posts without having to go to your site.

Tip 4 – Enable comments. These provide valuable feedback for your blog. Make sure you interact with anyone that comments on your blog

Tip 5 – Include an author bio and picture. People like putting a face to the writer and your bio gives them a taste of what you are about.

Hopefully you found these tips helpful, if you have any more, please leave a comment.

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7 01 2010
Roulette Tricks

Damn, that sound’s so easy if you think about it.

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