Reddit – What is it and what can it do for me?

12 11 2009

Reddit was launched in 2005, and is a social news website that displays news based on your preferences, and what the site’s community likes. Your preferences are based on your history of voting stories up or down.

Reddit has over 5 million unique visits a month, and is very much like Digg and Stumbleupon in the way that viewers vote for the story, and the number of votes affects where the article is located; as in whether it is on the front page or not.

This site is a great way to improve traffic to wherever you want. You just write a story, relative to your industry, and if enough people like it and vote for it, you could be subjected to millions of views. Of these views, a fair amount will click through your link onto your website, or blog, or whatever else.

In order to make the most out of Reddit, you must make your article interesting, and make it into something someone would want their friends to see.

Reddit has some great features, too. For example, it allows HTML formatting of your writing, making it easier to highlight any particular part of the article that you want the reader to read.

If you have any more reasons why Reddit is beneficial to your business, please leave a comment.

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