Getting the best out of Reddit

12 11 2009

In this post, I am going to tell you how to make the most out of Reddit, along with a few tips to help get you to the front page and expose yourself to millions of views!

Firstly, have a look at what other people are writing about, and what subjects seem to be getting the most interest. Take note of how they structure their Headings and the body of the article. Use this sort of format to create your article.

So, here come the tips:

1.Unique Article – Don’t take the easy road and just copy someone else’s article, you will get very little votes for it

2.Understand what the audience wants – Pretty much what I said in the 2nd paragraph. Your article can be helpful, funny or amazing. These are the articles that usually get the most votes.

3.Choose popular topics – If you have a post about something not a lot of people read about, you are obviously not going to get a lot of votes on it. According to Statisticsfreak, the most popular topics on Reddit are: Politics (30%), Internet and PC (18%) Bizzare (12%) Social (10%) Science (9%) Business (5%)

4.Headlines – Probably just as hard as writing the article itself, and also just as important. This is what the reader sees before he/she decides if they want to read your article. Make it snappy, attention grabbing, and make the reader curious.

5.Understand the timing – Post at different times of the day, and find out which time your articles are more successful

6.Submit to sub-categories – There is a lot less competition is sub-categories, so you’re article is more likely to be read. Don’t forget to submit your article to the front page as well

7.Check spelling and grammar – Very few people are going to click through to your website for more info on you if your spelling and grammar is poor

8.Make some friends – Add people to your friends list, post comments and vote for their stories. It can make people pay more attention to what you do,  which is needed if you are serious about gaining major traffic from Reddit

9.Make sure that your article is based on fresh information

10.Be patient – You may not be successful on it straight away, but keep up the persistence, keep publishing stories, and keep improving.

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12 05 2010
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