Online Business Directories – Worth the effort?

11 11 2009

A lot of businesses have already enlisted themselves in Online Business Directories, and there are many benefits of doing so, which is what I am going to tell you about in this post.

Some directories do cost quite a bit of money to start using, but there are still free ones out there, and I think they work just as well, so these are the ones I would recommend.

These directories are very good for small companies who want to get high in Google at no cost what so ever. It’s simple – you just list yourself, include links to your site, your blog, or anywhere else you may wish for someone to go. They then search for keywords related to your industry, and up you pop, nice and high in the search ranks.

An online directory is pretty much like a one-page website. You give the reader some information about yourself, where you are, what you do etc, upload a couple of pictures and include links. These pages, from my experience, are usually viewed around 100 times a day, depending on the keywords you include. Out of that, maybe 20 will click through to your website for more info.

Are you going to say no to 20 extra free views a day? If you do this for, say 10 directories, that’s an extra 200 viewers a day! For nothing, apart from maybe an hour or two setting them up.

The benefits of an online directory would maybe not be needed for a bigger company, who is receiving thousands of views a day, but for small to medium-sized companies, an extra 200 or so viewers a day is very good, especially since it cost you nothing.

So, try it out; set up a couple of profiles on the bigger online directories, and monitor how much more traffic you get. After all, can’t hurt, can it? There will be a post shortly with some tips on getting the most out of online directories, so if you liked this, don’t miss it !

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