5 Tips to improve your email marketing

11 11 2009

A lot of people are using email marketing, but are not seeing the returns that some people do. For this reason, I have written this blog post, which includes 5 tips to improve your email marketing. Read on!

Tip 1.                  Get their attention. Not just in the email, but in the subject header as well. The subject header is what makes the reader decide whether to read it or delete it; so try and install some curiosity.

Tip 2.                  Make it easy for the reader to see the links, and for any potential customers that want to sign up to your emails. Design a sign-up form, and place it on your website. Try offering something of value to the viewer for free in exchange for their email address, for example tips relative to your industry.

Tip 3.                  Keep it personal. Using your subscriber’s name goes a long way to building good foundations for a relationship with them. Be wary of how many times you use their name though, or it could start to look creepy!

Tip 4.                  Make it conversational. Try and imagine that you are sat opposite your reader and you are talking to them. Also, try and trigger a response out of the reader; either clicking through to your website, or emailing you back with some feedback. A good way to improve click-throughs is to leave something on a cliff hanger, and include a link to your website or wherever you want them to go.

Tip 5.                  Use relative information. Try separating your list into different subscribers with different interests, and personalise the email to suit them. Once again, imagine that you are sat opposite this person.

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