What is Digg?

3 11 2009

Digg is a social news site where users discover, highlight, promote and submit content that they find interesting or newsworthy. The sheer number of users show how popular Digg is. Traffic tracker compete.com reported that Digg had almost 20 million visitors in March 2008.

However, with the amount of people using Digg, it is a difficult ride to the front page. Each article has 24 hours to collect as many votes as possible, and if it gets enough, it will receive it’s ‘fame’ and sit on the home page for 2 hours or so before other articles take it’s place.

Therefore, if you can get your article or blog post on the home page of Digg, you are being subjected to millions of pairs of eyes! Even if you don’t get to the home page, under different subcategories, you will still get a fair few hits.

So, try it! Go to Digg, set up a free account and familiarise yourself with the website before you submit any content.

Make sure that you include links you want the readers to follow in your article, and be light-hearted about it, depending what you are writing about.

If played well, Digg really can transform your business, with increased traffic to your website. Get Digging! There will another Digg-related post coming soon, which will include some tips to getting the most out of Digg.

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