Increasing Traffic to your Blog

27 10 2009

The key to building and maintaining substantial traffic to your blog is to find the strategy that works best for your niche. Once you have tested different strategies and you know which one works best for you, do it constantly and frequently. In this post, I am going to give you 5 ideas that could substantially increase the amount of traffic to your blog.

1.Write and Publish articles

The top article directories receive millions upon millions of views per day, and are ranked very high in search engine results. If you write and submit articles to these sites constantly, you will build an ongoing stream of visitors to your blog. The reason that these sites get so much traffic is that Newsletter publishers are constantly looking for content, and these are the best sites to find that content. Make sure that you include a link to your blog at the bottom of your article, and anyone that enjoyed it will click the link.

2.Guest Blogging

Blog owners are constantly looking for new content, and many of us hit the ‘writers block’. An easy way to overcome this is to have a guest blogger. This is a good idea because it gives your blog a bit of variety, instead of readers reading your content all the time. Make sure, however, that it is as well written as yours would be!!

3.Search Engine Directories

As well as submitting your link on other blogs, this is a great way to receive traffic. Don’t only do it for blog directories though; if your blog is about your business, or you are using it for business, list your business in a business directory and include a link to your blog.

4.Give away some free value

People love to receive anything free, particularly if it contains valuable information relative to them. This doesn’t necessarily mean making an e-book or a 20 page report, it can be little snippets of valuable information in your blog posts. This will keep readers coming back again and again.

5.Write a press releaseimages1

Your press release should contain content that is newsworthy. Journalists are always looking for good content that they could publish. Pick one of your blog posts that is newsworthy, such as a story about your product and how it helped people, and submit it to your local paper. This is much the same as advertising in the local paper, except it is free, and if it’s good enough, you may even be able to get yourself on the front page!!

These ideas work differently for different people that use them. Try them all, monitor how well it works, and then use the ones best suited to yourself. I hope this was helpful

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