Blog Success Tips

26 10 2009

Blogs can be business related, or a personal online diary. The blogger may choose to write about what’s going through his mind at the time, or he may post something about the work he does. Either way, you should optimize your blog for the readers and the search engines, because it is imperative that readers keep returning to your blog.

There are many different blog platforms and hosts; so as a result, optimizing a blog depends on what platform or host you are using. I have compiled together a few tips that will help you to optimize your blog, no matter what platform it’s on.

They are as follows;

  • Make it easy on the eye – Create a distinctive look for your blog, using templates and colours. If you are using the blog for business, it is a good idea to have your company’s colours on the blog, with your logo as well.images
  • Provide RSS, feed subscription and e-mails – Most people will not subscribe to your blog if it is not obvious how they will do so. Most people who want to subscribe to a post will look for the orange RSS button (right), so make sure that this is clearly visible. Some people will not want to be notified by RSS, but email instead. Make sure there is a button that can allow them to sign up for email updates.
  • Content and Presentation – Comes back to what I said earlier, make it easy on the eye. Make sure that all font is in a simple style, as not all internet browsers will display and fancy text, and maybe include a couple of pictures in the posts as well
  • Quick Load – It is important that your blog does not take forever to load. Many readers will get bored of waiting and move on to a different site. Don’t use to many java scripts, this is what slows your blog down, use only those that are necessary
  • Importance of your title – This is as important as a subject line in an email, or a header on a newspaper – it must trigger interest or curiosity in your reader, and make them want to read more. Include some keywords in your title, search engines pay more attention to keywords in titles
  • Blog regularly – It is always disappointing for the reader to come onto your blog, after they have read all your posts, and then find that it hasn’t been updated for over a month. Readers want constant content, so blog often
  • Related Post Plug-in – This gives readers a chance to view some of your older content, which may be buried too deeply in your blog for them to get to it quickly otherwise
  • Manage Trackbacks and comment spam – It isn’t very good for you if spammers link to a site that is unrelated to your blog, this makes some readers think that you are a spammer, so keep on top of your spam comments!

I hope that you found this helpful, please leave me a comment and let me know!

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2 responses

27 10 2009

Great post – especially the advice on spammers and “trackbacks” (I was wondering what these were!)

27 10 2009

Thanks, I hope you are enjoying the other posts as well 🙂

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