Why Blog?

22 10 2009

You may, or may not be aware that the word “Blog” comes from “Web Log”, which is obviously a log of some sort on the web. That’s what blogging was initially intended for; a way for people to tell their friends what they’re doing. But, since it started, more and more businesses are realising the potential that blogging has in relation to growing their company. There are many different reasons to blog, and I will tell you some of them.

The first reason for blogging would be interaction. It has been proved, time and time again, that interaction with your customers and prospects increases sales, and not only that, it will also increase referrals. When you blog, make sure you blog about something that is related to your industry, but also something that people want to read.

If you update your blog regularly, and get comments regularly, then Google will love you. And you will love Google. If there is regular activity on your blog, it will score higher in Google’s Page Rank, which in turn, means you are higher up the page if someone searches for a blog related to your industry.

Many people use a blog as a traffic director, and if there is constant activity, as I said above, and your blog is high up on Google’s search pages, you will in turn get more visitors. Now all you have to do is re-direct them onto your website. This is simple, just make sure that a link to your website is clearly visible, and anyone interested in having a look will.

If you have a social networking site as well, a good way to improve traffic to your website is to post a link on Twitter, Facebook or whatever site you use, to your blog, and then from there, after you have interested your reader and they consider you somewhat of an expert, then you re-direct them to your website. This way, you have built some trust with the reader, and your website is a lot more likely to convert them into a sale.

So there you have it; just a few reasons why to blog. Have a go, set up your own, and let me know how you get on !

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