A few Tips for your e-newsletter

21 10 2009

Although we are always in a rush to send out our e-newsletters on time, and keep to the schedules we made ourselves, this should not make us sloppy in the way that we check our e-newsletter. Many people send it out in a rush, without even proof reading it. This is a BIG mistake. Even one capital letter out of place will make your newsletter look unprofessional to your readers. And you don’t want this now do you!

Have a look at these tips to make sure that your newsletter is ready to be sent.

1. Always send a preview to yourself. You should have at least 4 different email addresses, all with different clients, eg. Gmail, Hotmail, etc. This will make sure that all the fancy text, images, and HTML displays correctly in these different clients. This is important; you don’t know what client the reader is using, and you want to make sure that they see exactly how good your newsletter is.

2. Spellcheck, by eye, each block of text. Don’t try doing it all at once, chances are you will miss most of the errors. Do it a paragraph at a time, read it twice, eliminate any errors, but also make sure it has got the ‘voice’ that you want. Do you want a professional voice, or a friendly one?

3. Run a SPAM check. There should be a spam check button on the software you are using for your newsletters. Make sure your spam count is low, or you may just end up in the spam folder.

These steps may only take a few minutes to carry out, but it ensures that a polished and professional e-newsletter lands in your reader’s inbox!

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