How to use emails to your advantage

15 10 2009

As an accountant, I have seen in many cases that a lot of companies aren’t spending enough on Marketing. Marketing is the most important thing to your business if you want to grow and prosper.


However, saying that, I have also seen cases where companies are piling a lot of money into Marketing, but not getting the sort of return they want. The reason is this; they are creating the leads, but not converting those leads into sales.

In my opinion, one of the best ways of converting your leads into sales is by  e-marketing. Obviously you will have to get permission from the lead first, because if you start sending emails without their permission, chances are they will opt-out. Also, this is ILLEGAL. E-marketing is a cheap, simple and extremely effective way of interacting with both your existing clients and potential clients. I send out a Newsletter to both parties each week, including tips, relevant to my services, and asking them for feedback. You should too.


Your clients and leads both want one thing; human interaction. They don’t want emails that sound like a robot has written them, they want an email that has been written by you. The trick to this is to imagine that you are writing to one person. In vision this person sat in front of you, and you are telling them some tips. Include ‘you’ in the email; it makes it sound that tad more personal.


With most email clients, you can set up a field, anywhere in the email, where the system will fill in the person’s name. This is an extremely useful tool because it means that you can send out masses of emails at the same time, knowing that each individual email will have the recipients name at the beginning. This is a great way of adding a personal touch to your emails, although make sure that you do not use the person’s name more than 2 or 3 times, depending on the size of your email; some people find this annoying and sometimes creepy!


In the email client that I use, ConstantContact, there is a feature in which you can access the statistics of your email, eg. How many were sent, how many were opened, who clicked through what link. It really is a fantastic tool to have, because it means that you can try different strategies such as being direct, maybe having a light-hearted email, and a more serious email. The stats will tell you which your clients and prospects prefer, and which is most effectie in relation to open rates, and click-throughs.


Another feature that most email clients have is something called an ‘autoresponder’. This basically does most of your work for you. The idea is, if you have a ‘Join my Mailbox’ button on your website, the auto responder will send out a pre-selected list of emails to anyone that signs up, spread over a number of days, or even weeks, whichever you have chosen. Although it takes a bit of time to write the emails and set up the autoresponder, it is well worth it. Like I said, it saves you a lot of time and effort. For example, John Smith signs up after having a look at my website, he enters his name, email address and any other information he wants to. The next day, he receives an email saying thank you for joining, we have included some Tax Tips for you to have a look at. A few days after this, he gets another email asking if he found the tips of use. After that, he gets yet another email. You get the picture. Fact is, you spend 15 minutes setting up, say, 4 emails to send out. Then, every time someone signs up, the autoresponder kicks in.


Well, there you have it; that is, briefly, how to use emails to your advantage, to use them to turn prospects into clients. I hope this was helpful, and if you have any feedback or questions for me, please leave a comment. On a last note, I found a really useful source of information; Sonia Simone’s  Blog. This will tell you a bit more about marketing and how to communicate with your customer.

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19 10 2009
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27 12 2009

I am feeling the snow flakes… It seems like greetings of Christmas…Thanks. Really your ideas are great and I think following those tips; advantages could be achieved easily.

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